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Fat Loss Factor is a storehouse of information leading to a healthier lifestyle, and, is an excellent guide on how to lose excess body fat irrespective of a persons physical condition. Its principles, if followed properly, will enforce an overall fit lifestyle with correct eating habits for your body, as well as how to achieve the right mental attitude to work towards attaining your goal weight. This is most important because the success of any weight loss program depends in the individuals ability to sustain it consistently over a period of time, to get the results.

The program first determines your basic statistics – weight and body fat percentage. This includes taking photographs of yourself to check progress. The good thing is that it does not make any false promises about assured success for getting a lean healthy body, but gives, in a very systematic way, proven principles for health and fitness. Fat Loss Factor explains that eating healthy foods that result in fat loss, increase metabolism, as well as energy are very important for success. Therefore, it guides you regarding certain changes in eating habits that are essential to ensure eating more fat burning foods, and, reducing intake of foods that tend to get stored in fat cells by the body.

The book then introduces basic exercises aimed at stimulating further fat burning. Fat Loss Factor has explained that the body can continue to burn fat even when you are not working out because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissues. The book stresses that doing these exercises is far more beneficial than the traditional cardio routines we are used to following.

Fat Loss factor is a very informative book, written in a really practical, down to Earth way, and, is an excellent resource towards natural weight loss methods without the use of gadgets and gimmics, and, definitely without pills and other kinds of trendy supplements that are regularly introduced in the market. It is highly recommended for those people who want to lose weight in a natural way.